Above: Adult male Common Redpoll at Norland on 3 January 2008.


White-winged Crossbills: female and male, male, and male eating white spruce cones at Cranberry Marsh on 31 December 2008.


Snowy Owl 1 and Snowy 2 Minesing area on 18 and 26 December 2008


Snyder's and Labrador Great Horned Owls wintering in Toronto on 14 December 2008


Female King Eider1 & photo2 at Stoney Creek, Hamilton, on 5 December 2008


American Avocet in first basic plumage at Duffins Creek, Ajax, on 23 November 2008


Florida Birds and Other Animals from 4 to 18 November 2008


Northern Saw-whet Owl at Cranberry Marsh on 29 October 2008


Snowy Owl at Cobourg Harbour on 28 October 2008


Eared Grebe 1, photo 2 at Batavia Waste Water Treatment Plant, New York, on 23 October 2008


Cackling, Ross's and blue morph Snow Geese, 7 photos in Markham, Ontario, in October 2008


Juvenile Curlew Sandpiper, Fort Erie, Ontario, 5 October 2008.


Mink at Jaeger Rocks, fort Erie, Ontario, 5 October 2008. Many mink in southern Ontario are escapees.


Molting adult Hudsonian Godwit with deformed or broken bill near St. Catharines, Ontario, on 5 October 2008


Cackling Goose with Canada Geese at Reesor Pond, Markham, on 29 September 2008


Juvenile Red Knot at Presqu'ile Provincial Park, 8 September 2008


Shorebirds and Polar Bears of Akimiski Island, James Bay, Nunavut, Canada Part 2 1-25 August 2008


Some Scandinavian Gulls in Oslo and Stockholm on 19 and 20 July 2008


Svalbard High Arctic 2008. Four pages from a Quest Nature Tours  expedition cruise to the Norwegian High Arctic, 9 to 19 July 2008.


Carden Alvar Ontario's Grassland and Scrubland Bird Capital on 19 June 2008.


Akimiski Island, James Bay, Nunavut, Canada Part 1  from 22 May to 11 June 2008


Fledgling Great Horned Owl Photo 1 and photo 2 at Thickson's Woods in Whitby near Toronto on 7 May 2008.


Yellow-headed Blackbird at Old Cut, Long Point, and "Calico" Little Blue Heron at Bird Studies Canada, Port Rowan on 1 May 2008


Spruce Grouse 1  and photo 2 on OFO trip to Algonquin Park on 26 April 2008


Manitoulin Island Sharp-tailed Grouse and North Shore Sightings on the OFO trip on 18, 19 and 20 April 2008


Costa Rica and Panama with Quest Nature Tours, 12 to 26 March 2008


Panama Birding at Canopy Tower, Panama City and Achiote Road, 26-31 March 2008. Four pages of photos.


Harlequin Ducks male and female in definitive alternate plumage at Humber Bay East in Toronto on 2 March 2008


Horned Grebe at Humber Bay East in Toronto on 2 March 2008


Brown morph Eastern Screech-Owl in Toronto on 1 March 2008


Kumlien's Iceland Gull in third basic (winter) plumage at Ashbridges Bay on 23 February 2008


Kumlien's Iceland Gulls at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 18 February 2008

Snowy Owl at Keswick on 16 February 2008

Male Barrow's Goldeneye, Rideau River, Ottawa, 30 January 2008

Newfoundland, 17 to 23 January 2008. 5 pages of photos


Female Harlequin Duck photo 1, photo 2 in first alternate plumage, Niagara River,12 January 2008

Adult male Merlin at Whirlpool, Niagara River, on 5 January 2008.

Second or third basic Nelson's Gull (Herring x Glaucous Gull hybrid) left, first basic Kumlien's Iceland Gull right, at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto on 4 January 2008.


Common Redpolls, Hoary Redpolls, Greater Common Redpolls, three pages of photos at a feeder in Norland, Ontario, 3 January 2008.