Hoary and Common Redpolls in Toronto

Hoary Redpoll: Typical Hoaries are like Common Redpolls "seen through a white veil" (Taverner 1934). Other Hoary field marks are a contrasting white rump, more lightly streaked sides than Common, very lightly marked to immaculate undertail coverts, and a smaller and stubbier more obtuse shaped bill giving  Hoaries a  "pushed in face appearance". A combination of features is the best way to identify a Hoary. Toronto on 25 January 2013.


Hoary Redpoll at my feeders in Toronto on 25 January 2013


The red on an adult male Common Redpoll is a darker red and it is more extensive than on a Hoary. Other Common Redpoll features are bigger longer bill, strong dark flank streaks and strong dark marks on undertail coverts. Not shown is a darker rump. Redpolls at our feeders in Toronto on 20 January 2013.


Common Redpoll at my feeders on 23 January 2013