Great Kiskadee at Rondeau Refound

The Rondeau Great Kiskadee, present from 7-15 September 2018, was rediscovered in the same area on 18 October 2018. This is a first record of this large flycatcher for Ontario. I and seven Ontario birders were birding in British Columbia in September and missed it. Our disappointment turned to joy on the 18 October when we saw it perch and catch a dragonfly and a small frog or tadpole. Please watch video. You will hear it vocalize and see it perched and peering intently at the open marsh below.


Several times it regurgitated a pellet after catching prey in the small narrow marsh with open water. The branch it perched on was ideal for it to drop down and catch a tadpole or frog.


At times it raised its yellow crest. Great Kiskadee's normal range is from Texas south through Central America to Argentina and Uruguay in South America. Rondeau Provincial Park on 18 October 2018.