Least Bittern in Toronto

This Least Bittern is at Colonel Sam Smith Park in Toronto. Unabashed by many observers, it stalks and feeds in full view. We saw a repertoire of behaviours that are captured in the video. These include flicking its wings suddenly as it walks likely to scare prey, and swaying its neck back and forth as a technique "to overcome glare, to increase camouflage, or to have muscles in movement when strike begins." (Birds of North America online). 24 May 2018.


VIDEO: Least Bittern stalking prey and consuming a fish

It remains motionless for long periods, staring at the water, waiting for prey to come within range.


Here it takes on a stick-like pose with long neck extended as it waits, clinging to vegetation over water with its large feet and long claws. In this way it can forage in deeper water than the length of its legs allow.


On its foraging platform over the water, it will catch fish and other prey.


We watched it catch several small fish. A varied diet includes frogs, tadpoles, crayfish, insects, snakes, leeches, salamanders, mice. (Source: Birds of North America online).