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Iceland Gull on Lake Ontario shoreline at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 1 January 2016. This gull reflects the cline from pale nominate glaucoides of Greenland to Thayer's Gull of the Western Canadian Arctic, with the variable intermediate Kumlien's population in the middle. This individual with very slight grey on the primaries is arbitrarily considered a Kumlien's, but exhibits strong character traits of nominate glaucoides. We consider the Iceland/Kumlien's/Thayer's complex to be one biological species.


Latest Additions

January 2016

Presumed Nelson's Gull - Herring x Glaucous Gull hybrid at Tommy Thompson Park on Lake Ontario in Toronto, 10 January 2016

Barrie Gulls P 6 on 8 January 2016 - a study with links to videos

Barrie Gulls P 5 on 2 and 3 January 2016

Female American Wigeon in Barrie on 3 January 2016

Three New Years Day Gulls at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 1 January 2016


December 2015

Adult Thayer's Gull in winter plumage in Barrie, Ontario, 28 December 2015 - 4 more photos

Two Second Cycle Kumlien's Gulls at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 27 December 2015

Juvenile and adult Thayer's Gulls in Barrie on 26 December 2015.

Adult Kumlien's Gull missing lower part of leg. Minet's Point in Barrie on 26 December 2015

Yellow Warbler at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 24 December, found by Ron Pittaway

Two Sandhill Cranes near Keswick, Ontario on 22 December 2015

Male Wood Duck at Ashbridges Wastewater Treatment Plant. Toronto Christmas Bird Count 20 December 2015.

First cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull at Ashbridges Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant in Toronto on Christmas Bird Count 20 December 2015

Thayer's Gull, adult in winter plumage at Heritage Park in Barrie on 17 & 18 Dec 2015

Pale Iceland Gull on Lake Ontario shoreline at Bluffers Park in Toronto. 14 Dec 2015

Barrie Gulls page 3. 9 - 12 December 2015: Thayer's, Lesser Black-backed, Herring, Great Black-backed Gull

Barrie Gulls page 2. 9 - 12 December 2015: Little Gull

Four new videos of gulls feeding on abundant minnows on Lake Simcoe in Barrie, Ontario

Purple Sandpiper, Dunlin and more at the James Bay Shorebird Project Reunion hosted by Doug McRae at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. 6 December 2015

Northern Mockingbird at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 3 December 2015

Second winter Kumlien's Gull at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 3 December 2015

Female King Eider at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 2 December 2015


November 2015

Female Mountain Bluebird at Halls Road in Whitby, Ontario, on 20 November 2015

Barred Owl resting with eyes closed at Cranberry Marsh in Whitby on 25 November 2015

Juvenile Red-throated Loon at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 24 November 2015

Gulls swirling on Niagara River below Niagara Falls on 22 November 2015 - video and photos

Red Phalarope in first winter plumage, Bronte near Toronto, 21 Nov 2015 - video and photos

Cave Swallows in Oakville near Toronto, 21 November 2015, a chance to study & appreciate.

Barrie Gulls page 1. Six species of gulls in Barrie, Ontario on 15 November 2015 - Little, Lesser Black-backed, Great Black-backed, Bonaparte's, Herring and Ring-billed.

Around Durham Region's Waterfront on 11 November 2015 - Coyote, Deer, Gray Catbird, Fox Sparrow, Red-throated Loon and Northern Herring Gull

Male Barrow's Goldeneye on Leslie Street Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) on 8 Nov. 2015

Don Sutherland took this photo of me, Jean Iron, with the well-developed shelf cloud beneath that massive thunderstorm at Longridge on James Bay, 31 July 2010.


October 2015

Gulls in Peru - six species at Pantanos de Villa on 18 October 2015.

Peru 2015 with Quest Nature Tours. 17-29 October 2015. Please see 7 pages of photos.

Immature Bald Eagle at Ajax near Toronto, Ontario, on 12 October 2015

Cackling Geese at Cranberry Marsh on 7 October 2015

Laughing, Sabine's, Little, & More on OFO Convention weekend at Point Pelee, 1 to 4 October 2015.

Shorebirds at Blenheim Lagoons near Chatham and Rondeau on 30 September & 5 October

I rescued this American Bullfrog off busy road outside main entrance to Hillman Marsh on 5 October 2015.


September 2015

WINTER FINCH FORECAST 2015-2016 by Ron Pittaway

Gray-cheeked Thrush eating Pokeweed berries on 28 September 2015

Canada's Northwest Passage Expedition: Arctic birds, marine mammals, Arctic flora. 24 August to 5 September 2015


August 2015

Adult/second winter Little Gull at North Point on James Bay on 10 August 2015.

James Bay Shorebird Surveys at North Point - 6 pages - 31 July to 14 August 2014

See 2014 movements of James Bay nano-tagged White-rumped and Semipalmated Sandpipers and Red Knots: - click on explore data - view tracks. Thanks to Stu Mackenzie for this info.


July 2015

Five Merlins seen together today on 25 July in Brookbanks Ravine, Toronto

Active Purple Martin colony near Sutton, Ontario on 23 July 2015

Iceland with Quest Nature Tours, 30 June to 10 July 2015

Red-necked Phalarope showing lobed toes and webbing on Flatey Island, Iceland, 3 July 2015.

Four young Merlins fledge from nest in our Toronto garden. 18 July 2015

Common Nighthawk, one of two flying on Wylie Road at mid day, Carden Alvar, 16 July 2015

Now four young Merlins in our Toronto garden, 14 and 15 July 2015

Three young Merlins hatched from nest in our Toronto garden. 12 and 13 July 2015

Semipalmated and Least Sandpipers at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto on 12 July 2015

Short-billed Dowitchers at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto, Ontario, on 12 July 2015


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