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Big Cypress National Reserve

Eastern Meadowlark on Turner River Road singing a dialect different from the one I'm familiar with in southern Ontario. 7 February 2007.


Prairie Warbler on Wagon Wheel Road, 7 February 2007. Is this the Florida subspecies, Dendroica discolor paludicola?


Adult pale Florida subspecies of the Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus extimus), Turner River Road on 7 February 2007.


My Aunt Irene in England wants to see a Northern Mockingbird, so here's one on Wagon Wheel Road on 7 February 2007.


American Alligators are abundant along the narrow waterways beside the dirt roads. 7 February 2007.


Black Vulture showing the silvery underside of the primaries. Turner River Road on 7 February 2007.


Wood Storks on US-41 near Big Cypress on 7 February 2007.

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