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Burntpoint Research Camp in Polar Bear Provincial Park, Ontario, is a member of the Arctic Shorebird Demographics Network (ASDN). Our team, headed by Ken Abraham of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, monitored breeding shorebirds in the Burntpoint study area from 22 June to 18 July 2012. The American Golden-Plover above watched over recently hatched young on 12 July 2012. The nest was on a dry tundra ridge of mosses and lichens.


Map showing location of Burntpoint Camp in Polar Bear Provincial Park, Ontario.


Hudsonian Godwits had breeding territories in wet tundra interspersed with dry lichen hummocks. Female on 24 June 2012.


Male Hudsonian Godwit paired with the female above on 24 June 2012.


Whimbrel on territory on 28 June 2012.


Watchful adult Dunlin on 26 June 2012


Dunlin nest with very recently hatched young camouflaged on a dry hummock in wet marsh. Both adults were nearby on 26 June 2012.


Most Short-billed Dowitchers were the brightly coloured hendersoni subspecies. We saw 7 on 8 July and 25 on 11 July.


Hendersoni Short-billed Dowitchers. 11 July 2012.


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