Antarctica Expedition Cruise - page 1

10-20 February 2018

Worldwide Quest and OneOcean aboard the Sergey Vavilov

VIDEO: Black-browed Albatross in the Drake passage on 12 February 2018. Black-browed Albatross was the second commonest (51) albatross on our voyage. The Drake Passage is a great place to see them.


VIDEO: Crossing the Drake Passage from the bow

Drake Passage is known to be the roughest stretch of water on earth. What an adventure it was - three days of winds blowing at 40 knots then down to 30 knots. 40 knots = Beaufort Scale 8 - Gale force winds, 62-74 km/hour. The wind slowed us down to 6 knots - 11 km/hour. 11-14 February 2018.


VIDEO: Wandering Albatross in the Drake Passage

We saw 4 Wandering Albatrosses on the 11th and 5 on 12 February 2018. It was a thrill to see this huge albatross, one of the largest birds in the world, and with the longest wingspan of any bird.


VIDEO: Gray-headed Albatross in Bransfield Strait Antarctica.

Gray-headed Albatross was the commonest albatross at 56. We saw 7 on 14 February 2018. It is smaller than Black-browed Albatross.


Light-mantled Albatross on 13 February.


VIDEO: Cape Petrel flying around our ship

Boldly patterned in black and white, Cape Petrels are unmistakable. They followed our ship and flew along side giving great views. 13-14 February 2018.


Also known as Pintado Petrel from the Spanish for Painted Petrel. Delightful as they flew and pecked from the surface. 14 February 2018.


Southern Giant Petrel 11 February 2018.


Photographing Cape Petrels off the stern


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