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Female Common Eider of the subspecies dresseri.


Juvenile Gray Jays are so unlike the adults that early ornithologists thought they were a separate species. 23 July at Ile Quarry.


Adult male Merlin of the subspecies columbarius on 28 July at Ile Niapiskau.


Arctic Tern on 25 July at Ile Nue


Two Red-throated Loon chicks with adult on 19 July 2007 at the peat bogs near Havre-St-Pierre.


Female Spruce Grouse on 31 July 2007.


Chick Spruce Grouse, one of two with the above female on 31 July 2007.


Juvenile Common Murre at sea on 1 August 2007.


Wilson's Storm-Petrel on 1 August 2007.

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