2017-2018 Shorebird Index

Marbled Godwit and Willets at Wheatley Harbour on 27 April 2018

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Juvenile Hudsonian Godwit at Whitby, Ontario on 20 October 2018 - video and photos



Long-billed Curlew at Blackie Spit on Boundary Bay BC on 19 September 2018 - video and photos


Surfbirds feeding at Bowker Avenue, Oak Bay, Victoria BC on 18 September 2018 - video and photos


Black Turnstones at Whiffin Spit Park in Sooke Vancouver Island on 17 September 2018


Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Boundary Bay on 5 September 2018



Western Sandpiper at Presqu'ile Provincial Park on 26 August 2018


Presqu'ile Shorebirds at Owen Point on 25 August 2018



Six Piping Plovers at Darlington Provincial Park on 25 June 2018 - 2 adults and 4 young


Upland Sandpipers on the Carden Alvar on 10 June 2018 - video and photos


Female Ruff at Cranberry Marsh, Whitby, Ontario on 7 June 2018


April-May 2018

Wilson's Phalarope and other shorebirds at Blenheim Lagoons on 21 May 2018 - videos and photos


Hillman Marsh and Area Shorebirds page 1 - videos and photos - Marbled Godwits, Willets, American Avocets and more


Wheatley Harbour and Hillman Marsh Shorebirds page 2 - Marbled Godwit, Willets. Black-bellied Plovers, White-rumped Sandpipers and more


Shorebird Presentation at Point Pelee National Park 12 May and 17 May 2018


OFO Shorebird Celebration at Hillman Marsh 1-20 May (except Mondays) 2018 - join OFO experts to enjoy spring migration




First winter Dunlin at Tommy Thompson Park on 27 November 2017



Presqu'ile Provincial Park 4 - Marbled Godwit, Buff-breasted Sandpiper and video - 19 September 2017


Presqu'ile Provincial Park 2 - Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Marbled Godwit photos & videos. 16 Sept 2017


Presqu'ile Provincial Park 3 - Sanderling and Dead Carp, More Shorebirds with photos and videos. 16 September 2017


Presqu'ile Provincial Park 1 - Shorebirds with photos and videos. 7 September 2017



James Bay Shorebird Surveys at Longridge Point - 6 pages of photos & videos - 30 July to 14 August 2017



Juvenile Wilson's Phalarope at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto on 17 and 17 July 2017 - Video and Photos


 European Shorebirds in Iceland on Quest Nature Tours trip 27 June to 7 July 2017



Two northbound White-rumped Sandpipers at Ashbridges Bay/Woodbine Beach in Toronto on 29 May 2017 - Video and Photos


Fallout of rufa Red Knots at Ashbridges/Woodbine Beach in Toronto on 25 May 2017


Piping Plover at Ashbridges Bay/Woodbine Beach in Toronto on 24 May 2017


Whimbrels and more at Wheatley Harbour on 22 May 2017


Video of Whimbrels on the beach at Wheatley Harbour near Point Pelee on 22 May 2017


White-rumped Sandpiper at Wheatley Harbour on 17 May 2017


Variation in Sanderlings at Wheatley Harbour on 17 and 18 May 2017


Point Pelee and Hillman Area Spring Shorebirds from 30 April to 22 May 2017


Two subspecies of Short-billed Dowitcher, hendersoni and griseus, feeding and griseus preening. Photos and videos at Hillman Marsh on 18 May 2017


Black-bellied Plovers reel around the Tip of Point Pelee trying to land. 3 May 2017.- Video and Photos



Willets, Marbled Godwits and American Avocets at Hillman Marsh, photos and videos. 28-30 April 2017


Adult male Ruff on flooded field in Simcoe County north of Toronto on 24 April 2017 - Video & photos


OFO Shorebird Viewing Celebration at Hillman Marsh - join OFO experts to enjoy spring migration 1-22 May


Northbound Shorebird Workshops at Point Pelee - 8 and 14 May included with free park admission


Early Killdeer checking out territories at the Outer Harbour Marina in Toronto on 1 April 2017



Southern Lapwings at Gamboa Lodge in Panama on 18 February 2017


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