James Bay Shorebird Project 2018

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Adult shorebirds: Lesser Yellowlegs, Ruddy Turnstone and Hudsonian Godwits at Longridge Point on 12 August 2018


In summer 2018, three shorebird camps operated in southern James Bay: Longridge Point, Little Piskwamish Point and Northbluff Point (aka North Point). I was at Longridge from 31 July to 13 August 2018.


Project partners are Environment and Climate Clange Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF), Bird Studies Canada, and Trent University, with a larger conservation  initiative involving James Bay First Nations and Nature Canada.


Longridge Point at High Tide

Aerial view of Longridge showing camp, which is about 5.7 km from the tip of Longridge. Shorebird surveys are conducted across West Bay to Bear Point (off the map), Longridge Tip, and Paskwatchi Point (off map to right). Drinking water is carried from the creek to camp where it is filtered.


2018 Survey and Banding Crew

Our Crew left to right: Riley Walsh, Jean Iron, Isabel Apkarian, Michael Runtz, Doug McRae, Hannah Shinton and Ross Wood.


VIDEO: James Bay Survey Crew 2 at work


Isabel Apkarian, Michael Runtz and Riley Walsh contributed photos that greatly enhance our report.


There are no roads to the shorebird camps on the coast of James Bay. We fly in by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) helicopter. Above is crew change on 13 August. In background, pilot and Michael Runtz pack gear into helicopter. Front left to right: Riley Walsh (leaving camp), Ethan Gosnell (arriving), Quinten Wiegersma (arriving), Nathan Hood (arriving) and Isabel Apkarian (leaving). I flew out with Riley and Isabel on this day.


VIDEO: Helicopter access to camp and view of Longridge Point and James Bay coast

Hudsonian Godwits gather in large numbers on James Bay. Here they fatten and molt before undertaking a nonstop migration to South America. 12 August 2018.

VIDEO: Hudsonian Godwits feeding

Hudsonian Godwits in various stages of molt into winter plumage and an adult Lesser Yellowlegs.


VIDEO: Two Hudsonian Godwits got into a dispute. They are generally peaceful around each other. 12 August 2018.


Juvenile Hudsonian Godwit on 9 August 2018. Photo by Riley Walsh.


Hudsonian Godwit OH2 is the first banded and flagged for the James Bay Project on 6 August 2018. It is resighted here at Paskwatchi Point on 11 August


VIDEO of Hudsonian Godwit Resights

OH4 was banded on 9 August 2018. Here it is resighted on The Wrack (washed up kelp) at the base of Longridge on 12 August 2018.


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