French Polynesia - The Marquesas Islands - Page 4

Nuku Hiva


Endemic and endangered Marquesas Imperial-Pigeon (also called Nuku Hiva Pigeon) feeds on fruit. Found only on Nuku Hiva, it is very large with an unusual white cere that extends over the bill. 24 November.2010.


The archaeological site at Kamuihei on Nuku Hiva is a good place to find the Marquesas Imperial-Pigeon.


Gerry, Doug and Deirdre explore the seashore on Hiva Oa in preparation for their 16 km hike over the mountain on Fatu Hiva the next day.


Audrey holds the fragrant bouquet called umu hei

Basalt rock peaks rise up like spires on Fatu Hiva, as reminders of the volcanic origin of the islands.

Puamau archaeological site on Hiva Oa has the largest tikis outside Easter Island in French Polynesia. Colin left, and Hubert and Helen show the size comparison.


The fragrant Pua is the special flower of the Marquesas Islands.

Noni fruit is grown widely for its nutritional value and is exported.



A native tree of the seashore, Temanu has medicinal properties and its flowers are fragrant. All parts of the tree have uses.

Beach Hibiscus is endemic and grows along beaches and inland into the mountains. All parts of the tree can be used.


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